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Fairy Woods

by Whispering Woods

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Intoxicating and Hypnotic folk and acoustic renderings with female vocals floating over melodies.
Feels very much like an Opera for "Nymphs & Fairies" the mythological creatures.
Symphonic at times......but very soothing.
Instrumentation is excellent.
This could appeal to a lot of femme-metal fans. Favorite track: The Call Of The Trees.
paul rote
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paul rote "And now for something completely different" quote by Monty Python Favorite track: Realm Of Darkness (Darkwell Cover).
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Femetalism Incorporating symphonic, gothic and doom elements to provide an enchanting and atmospheric mood.

www.femetalism.co.uk/2014/05/bandcamp-series-whispering-woods-fairy.html Favorite track: Queen Medusa.
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Fairy Woods is our debut album and it is based on a conceptual story in which you, the listener, are the main character. By downloading the entire album you also get a .pdf file with the story. Enjoy!

Alexandra Burcă – soprano vocals
Cătălina Popa – flute
Cora Miron – keyboards
Alex Dăscal – drums
Radu Vâtcă - bass guitar
Doru Căilean - lead guitar


released September 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Whispering Woods Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Track Name: The Call Of The Trees
I feel like the trees are calling me...
I hear the call surrounding me

I follow the path to the woods...

Here, my soul will be free, tonight...
Like the stars will I be,
Shining gracefully...

Mother Gaia, show the way
To the place where we
Make eternity

Mother Gaia, give me now
Wisdom to unlock
My soul and set it free

I feel like the trees are calling me...

In the woods will I walk
To sing their song

Here, my soul will be free, tonight...
Like the trees will I be,
Singing gracefully...

Mother Gaia, show the way
To the place where we
Make eternity

The mist and the rain have taken over me
Swept away my dreams
Brought eternity
I am one with the nightsky
Just, a spark of light.
Track Name: Ode To The Leviathan

To this mighty beast
It will give us
For all barren souls
It will bring us peace

Verse 1:

You will crush
The others
And then stop
The chaos
And destroy
Your own

Verse 2:

Take me deep
Down under
Where you have
World for us
For all
Oh glory!


"Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?
Lay thine hand upon him, remember the battle, do no more.

Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.
The flakes of his flesh are joined together: they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved.
Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear.
He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride."

(Book Of Job:41, King James Version)
Track Name: Ghost In The Monastery

In the mist
Of the night
Stands a figure
Born of light.

Under moon's
Pale glow
Casts a shadow
In the meadow
Freezing heart
Brakes down
to die.


Of The

Come to me
Take my soul
For I will be
Darken cold.


Down below
Under Stars
Sun will die
All shattered

Nothing left
In the night
But the figure
Born of light.


In the shadows
Of the mind
Stands a figure
With cold sight.

Whispering tales
Of the past
Silent craving
Freezing heart
Brakes down
to die.


Of The

Come to me
Take my soul
For I will be
Darken cold.


Down below
Under Stars
Sun will die
All shattered

Nothing left
In the night
But the figure
Born of light.
Track Name: Realm Of Darkness (Darkwell Cover)

In this world full of winded corridors
cities like mazes, towers like thorns
I'm not my master, not at all
cursed thoughts lead me to my fall


Broken thoughts
broken dreams
broken hearts
this realm of darkness,
is this my reward?

Verse 2:
Darkness is falling, over my mind
my burning eyes are, deadly blind
now there's nothing like it seem
all illusions, only dreams
Track Name: Black Wedding

Walk with me into the land of... Hades
Over Styx our paths will meet forever.
Cursed are the dreams of those who cross...


In the shadows we will be
Together in eternity
Dearest one my fate with thee
Sealed forever it will be


Searing is the grief within...
"Do not fear, I will return,
Forbidden is my name to speak
For I am Queen of the Underworld".
Track Name: Queen Medusa

By the ruins of the night
I will reveal my beautiful sight.
In the temple of the gods
I will return revenge against odds.

By the ruins of the night
The darken priest will be by my side.
In the temple of the gods
I will rage war then come back for more!
conquer them all!


Dearest queen, Medusa,
Beautiful is thy name.


Pegasus come to me,
In the night you'll be free
Chrysaor, golden son,
Sing for dominion!



In the shadows of the sea
A mermaid will try to set me free.
In the cold heart of the storm
My image will be forever shown.

In the shadows of the sea
The waves will break silent before me.
In the cold heart of the storm
There rises on his commanding throne,
Track Name: Curse Of The Nightingale
Philomel of Pandion
The nightingale
Sat before the Sun
And sang her song

Up up above
The gods will hear my call
Cursed is my heart
To sing forever in the dark...

Moon, my dearest
Be my guide
Light the forest
Shine with might

Ancient legends
Speak of me
Words with wisdom
Set... me free

Philomel of Pandion
The nightingale
Sat below the Sun
She closed her eyes... and died.
Track Name: ... Of The End

In despair of the
Rhinemaidens wish
She will
Keep the gift
Of her beloved one
Wotan's ravens return
And darken the sky
The lovers betrayed
In the end all will die


From one's heart
Comes devotion in time
But then
Siegfried misled
By the dwellers by Rhine
Ends up lingering in pain
His beloved one
Revenge he will get
As he strikes them with might

Chorus (1st part):

Siegfried my darling
Open your eyes
Caress my pain
Yor memory will rise.

Chorus (2nd part):

From the fire
The Ring will be purified
Waves will then flood the land
All will die.
Track Name: Fairy Woods

As I go down along the mystic path
I see fireflies reaching for the stars


Dreamy mist below the forest's leaves
Sweeps away my darkest of dreams
The elder trees are awaiting my call
They open the ground, in sleep now I fall.


Inside the woods with the fairy name
Sits mother Gaia alone with her pain
Whispering the poem of wretched dreams
Hyperion's gone, the Sun is in tears.

"Mother, are you there? The Moon and the Sun
are my gift to you, shed the pain and bring forth the light."


Above the gloomy and sparkling flowers
Rests a beauty with heart cold and sour,
Her soul has been taken a long long time ago
Faustus himself, is dead and no more.

"Spirits of the woods, come to me and take my breath
and light the sky, forever night."
Track Name: Sleeping Angel
Cast down from Eden
In rain I will

Hiding the Sun
My clouds will then
Take me...

Misty is the path
To my mind
Clad in sorrow

Broken are my
Feeble wretched wings
In my dreams.

Falling to the ground
Whispering mellow sound
Silent sound...

Searching for the sky
Darken cloudy night
Silent night...

Sleeping angel
Rise into the light
Throw away your
Cursed agony
Follow mighty
Path to the stars
Be born again...
Track Name: Death Of A Beautiful
Verse 1:

Dream away under mystic moon
Under shining stars
They Will
Bring my heart to the
Place below under darken fears
Under hidden thoughts
By the
Dying hour I shall


Sing a song like the swans are singing
Bring forth light like the stars are bringing
Burn to ashes like the wood is burning
Free the dove which is now returning

Hide myself underneath my veil
Walk along this forsaken trail
In dark wind cursed I shall sail
See my tears turning into hail.

Verse 2:

Aphrodite was it once my name
Goddess born in sea
I was
Daughter of the Mighty
This will be my final fairytale
Written down on sand
By the
Dying hour I shall